Upgrade to Solidatus Lite   

Model how DCAM and regulation impact your organization

Would you like to do more? As a member of the EDM Council, Solidatus Pro is now available to you at an exclusive discount rate. Solidatus Lite allows organizations to customize and author their own models. An organization can align the standard models to internal data management tools and regulatory processes and any other modeling use cases.

Use Cases

EDMC Solidatus Pro Use Case Image

Solidatus Lite enables you to customize your models:

  • Directly model your Internal Documentation such as data management strategy, policy, and standards to DCAM Best Practice Standards models aligned to the DCAM Framework
  • Directly model regulatory obligations such as BCBS-239, CCAR and GDPR onto your organisations’ systems, providing evidenced data lineage
  • Implement meta data management, data governance and data quality to increase organizational data capabilities

Features & Pricing

EDMC Pricing December 2020

*price per user per month, purchased in 3 month blocks


Solidatus facilitates both data lineage and business process engineering. Whether to demonstrate regulatory compliance, improve governance, assist with transformational change or reduce inefficiencies in data handling, it is uniquely engineered to build end-to-end data models more efficiently and effectively and improve an organizations data economy. Solidatus is quickly being adopted by organizations across the globe, including top-tier global financial, pharmaceutical, utility and infrastructure firms and has been implemented by leading consulting and technology firms. 

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